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Many thanks to Dave and Eileen Woodhead for finding one of the many huge puddles and taking some photos. woodentops.org.uk

First puddle
Second Puddle

Final results

PosNo.SurnameFirst NameClubCatTimeM/FMPosFPosCatPos
1127AdamsTomIlkley Harrierssen00:52:51M1 1
2126WoodJackIlkley Harrierssen00:53:39M2 2
3134HowieRobinWharfedale Harrierssen00:56:33M3 3
486HassellEthanWharfedale Harrierssen01:00:15M4 4
5137CoxMatthewIlkley Harriersv4001:00:42M5 1
6139AddeyBobU/Av4001:01:53M6 2
7117DennissJonIlkley Harrierssen01:02:59M7 5
8129StirkAdamWharfedale Harrierssen01:03:15M8 6
9128LomasAdamHyde Park Harrierssen01:03:42M9 7
10114GurneyMikeU/Av4001:03:46M10 3
11140StellSamU/Av4001:05:08M11 4
12104GidlowPaulHorsforth Harriersv4001:05:35M12 5
1391LambGavinIlkley Harriersv4001:05:47M13 6
1495PageHollyCalder Valleysen01:06:11F 11
1585HartleyAdamU/Asen01:06:19M14 8
16132McCallRossOtleysen01:06:51M15 9
1784McGuireDaveWharfedale Harriersv5001:07:24M16 1
18105SmithRichardOtleysen01:08:23M17 10
1993PillingGrahamP&Bv4001:08:40M18 7
20122SmithTomBowlandv5001:09:04M19 2
2190RobertsAnnieTodmorden Harrierssen01:09:07F 22
2281FosterDaleU/Av4001:10:02M20 8
23125RussellAlanSaltaire Striderssen01:10:04M21 11
24112FurlongIanNLFRsen01:10:14M22 12
2594PillingRachelP&Bsen01:10:31F 33
26133WebbSteveValley Stridersv5001:11:07M23 3
27141ClaytonDanielU/Av4001:11:30M24 9
28119BlakelyMatthewRoundhay Runnersv4001:12:33M25 10
29103WalmsleyNicolaRoundhay Runnerssen01:13:02F 44
30118LifeAlanClaytonv5001:13:28M26 4
31138WoodHelenIlkley Harrierssen01:13:41F 55
32102CalderbankPaulIlkley Harriersv6001:13:53M27 1
33135PadillaMonicaWharfedale Harrierssen01:15:29F 66
34100BoothmanJohnBarlickv5001:16:14M28 5
35108TomanMichaelAccrington RRv5001:16:15M29 6
36107WilcockMattTrawdenv5001:17:08M30 7
37120MossMarcusRoundhay Runnersv4001:17:30M31 11
38110MartinLawrencePudsey Pacerssen01:18:56M32 13
39113CarruthersAndrewHalesowenv5001:19:12M33 8
40124RhodesJoHyde Park Harrierssen01:25:07F 77
41115JacksonNiamhRoundhay Runnerssen01:25:51F 88
4278EvansMarkM’boro & Cleveland Hv5001:25:52M34 9
4387FairburnNeilBaildon Runnersv5001:26:41M35 10
4479McMullanJessicaRoundhay Runnersv4001:27:55F 91
4592FryerCaroleCalder Valleyv5001:30:01F 101
46130SeimsAmandaValley Stridersv4001:30:11F 112
47136BennettPaulBramley Breezersv5001:32:20M36 11
4888WalkerJohnRoundhay Runnersv5001:33:05M37 12
49131YeuyDavidU/Asen01:34:04M38 14
50106ShortMarcHorsforth Fellandalev4001:34:52M39 12
51123CarnforthThomasU/Asen01:36:21M40 15
5296HarrisNickRossendalev7001:38:26M41 1
5397MyersRobBaildon Runnersv6001:38:27M42 2
5483UnderwoodHelenRoundhay Runnerssen01:39:18F 129
55101RobinsonPhilNidd Valleyv5001:39:36M43 13
5699MorleySueKnaresborough Stridersv6001:39:49F 131
57121LaneEmmaNLFRsen01:41:13F 1410
58111SunderlandJoanneRoundhay Runnersv4001:43:06F 153
5989ThompsonGeoffWharfedale Harriersv6001:47:08M44 3
60109AllanAndrewPudsey Pacersv5001:51:25M45 14
6180WoodEdnaKnaresborough Stridersv5001:53:19F 162
62116GillottRuthU/Av4001:54:41F 174
6382LavercockJulieSalford Harriersv5002:07:11F 183
6498CardinaleAntonioOtleyv7002:30:20M46 2

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Ilkley Moor Fell Race

Sunday 18th February

A surprisingly pleasant February morning saw me rock up in Ilkley for the race.

My race diary (yes, sad I know!) tells me this is the 13th time since 1998 I have entered it. Nothing much changes, an absolute mud-bath of a course. The first mile up to the Cow and Calf rocks is the usual bottleneck with gnarly runners with their sharpened elbows trying to manoeuvre past slower runners (like me, I guess).

Despite running the course many times, the steep, rocky descent down to the bridge at Backstone Beck fills me with dread, one slip or trip either here or in Rocky Valley which is a bit further on and you will undoubtedly end up a bruised and bloodied mess. We received a buff with the race map printed on it for our efforts and it told me that the Crocodile Rock is situated in the aforementioned Rocky Valley, can’t say I had ever noticed it before but I have heard Elton John singing about it many times.

The section from Keighley gate back to the finish was a struggle to stay on your feet with the muddy, steep descent and those pesky bramble bushes conveniently placed just for you to fall into. For comedy value I lost my shoe in the mud 100 metres from the finish line and finished carrying it over the line!

As is tradition on Ilkley race day we enjoyed an afternoon pub crawl and I am pleased to report, many fine pubs now exist in the town, where as in days gone by the place was a bit of a desert for decent boozers.

John F had a good run, whilst we can gloss over what kind of run I had.

Lots of pics on the Woodentops site.

— Dave Beston

Rombald Stride 2018

We had four runners complete the Rombald Stride on Saturday February 4. Congratulations to Phil Livermore, who won it with a magnificent time of 2:58. In any conditions that would be a superb result, but even more so given pretty constantly falling snow and very sloppy stuff underfoot for many miles. Here is Phil’s race report:

Although not really a fell race (strictly it’s a long walk event but half the entrants seem to run) it has all the hallmarks of a traditional event : plenty of mud, some hills and even a pie at the end.

After beginning in Guiseley, the route takes you up over Baildon Moor, around a complete loop of Ilkley moor and then up, down and up again on the Chevin before a descent to where you began 23 miles earlier.

The conditions this year were cold and damp , drizzle at low levels and snow on the tops. Probably rather cold for walking, and certainly cold for the marshals who braved the conditions to support the event.

Several runners from North Leeds turned out, including myself. After running it last year and not being particularly “at the front”, I was somewhat surprised to find myself in first place at White Wells on Ilkley moor, about 15 miles into the course. I was glad that I had thoroughly revised the route as it is not flagged and had no-one to follow. I must have paced all of it well too, as my energy levels didn’t crash at the bottom of the Chevin as they had done the previous year. This was probably made possible by the power of  cheese and pickle sandwiches! (A tip from Jack Wood.)

As a trophy I was presented with a whisky decanter. Now I just need to try it out…

(No, he didn’t get to take home all those rice puddings.)

Tour of Pendle 2017: Race report

I like Tour of Pendle. I like Pendle Hill. This may seem odd, given the conditions of last year’s ToP. But I do like it, and I wanted to do well on it. I began training over two months ago, using, as usual, a bespoke training plan designed by FRB (Fell Running Boyfriend). This one, unlike the Three Peaks one, had more tempo and speed sessions, along with the usual hill sessions and longer runs. The longer runs were more concerned with time on tired feet than mileage, so a 10-mile moor or fell run would be as good as 17 miles of road. I was fairly dedicated to my plan, to the point of agreeing to add several miles after running Shepherd’s Skyline. I also did one spin class and one weightlifting class a week. I think I probably followed 70% of my plan, though that may be generous. I felt like I was sort of ready, but as with any race, it could depend on sleep, food, mood, hormones, conditions, happenstance.

I slept horribly. Really badly. But there was nothing to be done about that, so I woke at 6 to allow myself a good 90 minutes of faffing time. I’d spent much of the day before packing, as I wasn’t just packing for Pendle. I’d been asked to give a keynote speech at the World Toilet Summit in Melbourne, and had accepted. The trouble was twofold: they wanted me there by the Sunday evening, the race was on Saturday, and it takes two calendar days to get there. I had to negotiate: there was no way I was going to miss a race I’d been training for for two months. So I would run the race — translated to the WTS organisers as a “longstanding family commitment”, which was true, if FRB is family — then we would stay overnight at a Manchester airport hotel, then I would get up at 5am and spend 24 hours in a plane. This was not ideal: I’d probably be in a condition where I was at higher risk of DVT than most passengers, as I doubt they’d just have spent a few hours climbing 5000 feet and running 17 miles. So in amongst the lists for the race bag, the race pack, the suitcase and the carry-on, there was aspirin, compression socks and a commitment to stretch my legs every half an hour.

We got to Barley village in such good time, there was even room to park in the car park. This went down like a lead balloon with FRB, who is particular about such things and pointed out that the roadside was not muddy and the car park was. But I had had very little sleep and he got short shrift. Also, it was my birthday, and I had birthday leeway. I understand that for many people, running a tough fell race is not a desirable birthday activity, but it suited me fine. FRB had organised with the race organiser Kieran that my bib number would match my age: 48.      Read more