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Many thanks to Dave and Eileen Woodhead for finding one of the many huge puddles and taking some photos. woodentops.org.uk

First puddle
Second Puddle

Final results

PosNo.SurnameFirst NameClubCatTimeM/FMPosFPosCatPos
1127AdamsTomIlkley Harrierssen00:52:51M1 1
2126WoodJackIlkley Harrierssen00:53:39M2 2
3134HowieRobinWharfedale Harrierssen00:56:33M3 3
486HassellEthanWharfedale Harrierssen01:00:15M4 4
5137CoxMatthewIlkley Harriersv4001:00:42M5 1
6139AddeyBobU/Av4001:01:53M6 2
7117DennissJonIlkley Harrierssen01:02:59M7 5
8129StirkAdamWharfedale Harrierssen01:03:15M8 6
9128LomasAdamHyde Park Harrierssen01:03:42M9 7
10114GurneyMikeU/Av4001:03:46M10 3
11140StellSamU/Av4001:05:08M11 4
12104GidlowPaulHorsforth Harriersv4001:05:35M12 5
1391LambGavinIlkley Harriersv4001:05:47M13 6
1495PageHollyCalder Valleysen01:06:11F 11
1585HartleyAdamU/Asen01:06:19M14 8
16132McCallRossOtleysen01:06:51M15 9
1784McGuireDaveWharfedale Harriersv5001:07:24M16 1
18105SmithRichardOtleysen01:08:23M17 10
1993PillingGrahamP&Bv4001:08:40M18 7
20122SmithTomBowlandv5001:09:04M19 2
2190RobertsAnnieTodmorden Harrierssen01:09:07F 22
2281FosterDaleU/Av4001:10:02M20 8
23125RussellAlanSaltaire Striderssen01:10:04M21 11
24112FurlongIanNLFRsen01:10:14M22 12
2594PillingRachelP&Bsen01:10:31F 33
26133WebbSteveValley Stridersv5001:11:07M23 3
27141ClaytonDanielU/Av4001:11:30M24 9
28119BlakelyMatthewRoundhay Runnersv4001:12:33M25 10
29103WalmsleyNicolaRoundhay Runnerssen01:13:02F 44
30118LifeAlanClaytonv5001:13:28M26 4
31138WoodHelenIlkley Harrierssen01:13:41F 55
32102CalderbankPaulIlkley Harriersv6001:13:53M27 1
33135PadillaMonicaWharfedale Harrierssen01:15:29F 66
34100BoothmanJohnBarlickv5001:16:14M28 5
35108TomanMichaelAccrington RRv5001:16:15M29 6
36107WilcockMattTrawdenv5001:17:08M30 7
37120MossMarcusRoundhay Runnersv4001:17:30M31 11
38110MartinLawrencePudsey Pacerssen01:18:56M32 13
39113CarruthersAndrewHalesowenv5001:19:12M33 8
40124RhodesJoHyde Park Harrierssen01:25:07F 77
41115JacksonNiamhRoundhay Runnerssen01:25:51F 88
4278EvansMarkM’boro & Cleveland Hv5001:25:52M34 9
4387FairburnNeilBaildon Runnersv5001:26:41M35 10
4479McMullanJessicaRoundhay Runnersv4001:27:55F 91
4592FryerCaroleCalder Valleyv5001:30:01F 101
46130SeimsAmandaValley Stridersv4001:30:11F 112
47136BennettPaulBramley Breezersv5001:32:20M36 11
4888WalkerJohnRoundhay Runnersv5001:33:05M37 12
49131YeuyDavidU/Asen01:34:04M38 14
50106ShortMarcHorsforth Fellandalev4001:34:52M39 12
51123CarnforthThomasU/Asen01:36:21M40 15
5296HarrisNickRossendalev7001:38:26M41 1
5397MyersRobBaildon Runnersv6001:38:27M42 2
5483UnderwoodHelenRoundhay Runnerssen01:39:18F 129
55101RobinsonPhilNidd Valleyv5001:39:36M43 13
5699MorleySueKnaresborough Stridersv6001:39:49F 131
57121LaneEmmaNLFRsen01:41:13F 1410
58111SunderlandJoanneRoundhay Runnersv4001:43:06F 153
5989ThompsonGeoffWharfedale Harriersv6001:47:08M44 3
60109AllanAndrewPudsey Pacersv5001:51:25M45 14
6180WoodEdnaKnaresborough Stridersv5001:53:19F 162
62116GillottRuthU/Av4001:54:41F 174
6382LavercockJulieSalford Harriersv5002:07:11F 183
6498CardinaleAntonioOtleyv7002:30:20M46 2

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Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race 2019 – Results

Apologies for the delay in publishing the results. We had some issues with the timing device and despite considerable effort to retrieve the results involving many random computer cables, they seem to have vanished. Mike has spent a number of hours trawling through Strava to try to piece together the times, but we are fairly confident the order of runners is correct. For any queries, please get in touch.

PositionRunnerCategoryTime*M/F PositionCat Position
1Darren KayM400:36:5411
2Ted MasonM400:36:5722
3Owen BeilbyM400:37:2833
4Nick CharlesworthM500:38:4541
5Oliver RobertsMSEN0:38:5951
6Jon PownallMSEN0:39:2362
7Sam WatsonMSEN0:39:3773
8Dave KirkhamM400:40:2084
9Ethan HassellMSEN0:40:2194
10David OldfieldMSEN0:40:25105
11Tim RichardsonMSEN0:40:46116
12Ben HolmesMSEN0:41:03127
13Phil LivermoreM400:41:35135
14Michael MalyonMSEN?148
15William BarkerMSEN?159
16Adam ThompsonMSEN0:42:531610
17Andy McFieM50?172
18Declan BulmerMSEN?1811
19Andy BerryM400:43:57196
20Luke TurnerMSEN?2012
21Charles CaseyM40?217
22Dave RobsonM400:45:19228
23Jane SheardW400:45:2811
24Philip RogersM400:46:29239
25Gary SpencerM400:46:562410
26Jonathan WhittakerM500:47:32253
27Annie RobertsWSEN0:48:0621
28Dave EvansM400:48:262611
29Ian RowbothamM600:48:32271
30Ben GrantM700:49:07281
31Craig ThompsonMSEN0:49:102913
32Matt BourneM400:50:153012
33Adam NodwellMSEN0:50:193114
34Nils LonstromMSEN0:50:223215
35Helen PriceM400:50:283313
36Dave MurgaroydMSEN0:50:373416
37Mark JordanM600:50:51352
38Karen PicklesW400:51:0132
39Andy HoldenM500:51:12364
40Iain JenkinsM500:51:13375
41Randolph HaggertyM500:51:19386
42Peter DugdaleM600:51:47393
43John SinghMSEN0:51:484017
44Alex Burton-JohnsonMSEN0:51:594118
45Tony ShepherdM500:52:02427
46Chantal BusbyW500:52:0341
47Harry WalshawMSEN0:52:264319
48Kate BellW400:52:2953
49Aidan CurleyM400:52:384414
50Brian HickeyM500:53:07458
51Rebecca GreyWSEN0:53:0862
52Ellen SharpeWSEN0:53:2873
53Helene WhittakerW50?82
54Ann BrydsonW500:54:4493
55Paul WilsonM600:55:37464
56Dave BradleyM500:55:46479
57Elizabeth SandellWSEN0:55:59104
58Andy MonkM600:56:11485
59Martyn PriceM500:56:154910
60John GrahamM500:56:445011
61Caroline ClarkeW600:57:31111
62Ian PatchettM500:57:395112
63Jo RhodesWSEN0:58:15125
64Martin BullockM500:58:205213
65Stephen LaneM500:58:235314
66Martin RobertsM600:58:31546
67Lynn WhittakerW500:59:20134
68Rose GeorgeW400:59:56144
69Dan SimmonsM501:00:545515
70Emma DavidW401:00:59155
71Sue MorleyW601:01:45162
72Elizabeth JacksonW401:02:56176
73Aimee BellwoodWSEN1:07:35186
74Sarah MorrisW501:08:35195
75Amy NaylorWSEN1:11:07207
76Sarah GoleW401:11:22217
77Nicola HartleW501:13:39226

Rombald Stride 2018

We had four runners complete the Rombald Stride on Saturday February 4. Congratulations to Phil Livermore, who won it with a magnificent time of 2:58. In any conditions that would be a superb result, but even more so given pretty constantly falling snow and very sloppy stuff underfoot for many miles. Here is Phil’s race report:

Although not really a fell race (strictly it’s a long walk event but half the entrants seem to run) it has all the hallmarks of a traditional event : plenty of mud, some hills and even a pie at the end.

After beginning in Guiseley, the route takes you up over Baildon Moor, around a complete loop of Ilkley moor and then up, down and up again on the Chevin before a descent to where you began 23 miles earlier.

The conditions this year were cold and damp , drizzle at low levels and snow on the tops. Probably rather cold for walking, and certainly cold for the marshals who braved the conditions to support the event.

Several runners from North Leeds turned out, including myself. After running it last year and not being particularly “at the front”, I was somewhat surprised to find myself in first place at White Wells on Ilkley moor, about 15 miles into the course. I was glad that I had thoroughly revised the route as it is not flagged and had no-one to follow. I must have paced all of it well too, as my energy levels didn’t crash at the bottom of the Chevin as they had done the previous year. This was probably made possible by the power of  cheese and pickle sandwiches! (A tip from Jack Wood.)

As a trophy I was presented with a whisky decanter. Now I just need to try it out…

(No, he didn’t get to take home all those rice puddings.)

Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race 2016 – Results


Position Athlete Category Club Time
1 Ted Mason M Wharfedale 36.44
2 Sam Watson M Wharfedale 37.05
3 Luke Maude M Barlick FR 37.14
4 Dan Wilkinson M40 Ilkley 39.37
5 Nick Charlesworth M50 Wharfedale 39.42
6 Andrew Robertshaw M45 Otley 39.54
7 Dave Kirkham M40 Wharfedale 40.29
8 David Bolanos M50 U/A 40.48
9 Rob Furness M Horsforth Harriers 41.32
10 Paul James Carmen M Ilkley 41.44
11 Tim Hawey M40 York and K’boro 41.58
12 Tom Gomersall M Bingley 42.19
13 Keith Emery M K’boro Striders 43.07
14 Luke Turner M Trawden 43.36
15 Dave McGuire M45 Wharfedale 44.05
16 Dom Nurse M45 NLFR 44.51
17 Tim Palmer M45 Harrogate H 45.31
18 Michael Smith M45 Dallam 47.19
19 Alan Walsh M Wharfedale 47.23
20 Markus Waddap M NLFR 47.30
21 Paul Calderbank M55 Ilkley H 47.33
22 Dave Copping M50 KCAC 47.42
23 Keith Holder M50 Wharfedale 47.49
24 Ian Rowbotham M50 Harrogate H 47.51
25 Nick Rhodes U/A 47.55
26 David Fountain M Harrogate H 48.14
27 Lorena Lozano Sufrategui W NLFR 49.28
28 Kieran Turner M Trawden 49.42
29 Jeremy Field M Fellndale 49.50
30 Nick Androx M50 Harrogate H 50.00
31 Dean Ralphson M45 Trawden 50.29
32 Ed Brown M45 U/A 50.50
33 Richard Foster M NLFR 50.54
34 Emma Robson W Harrogate H 50.57
35 Chantale Busby W45 Ilkley H 50.58
36 Martin Farrer M50 Wharfedale 51.00
37 Molly Ralphson W40 Trawden 51.02
38 Jann Smith W45 Ilkley H 51.03
39 Andrew Price M Baildon 51.33
40 Mary Gibbons W40 Ilkley H 51.41
41 Martin Roberts M55 Todmorden 51.43
42 Michael Kearney M50 Swaledale 51.55
43 Stephen Kirk M45 Harrogate H 51.59
44 Mike Ayers NLFR V60 53.37
45 Andrew Ellwood M50 Skipton 53.52
46 Roger Wilkinson M45 U/A 54.10
47 Lynn Whittaker W50 Wharfedale 54.17
48 Kevin Holmes M50 U/A 54.20
49 Emma Dods W Wharfedale 54.30
50 Chloe Hirst W Harrogate H 54.34
51 Dan Simmons M55 Harrogate H 54.43
52 Mark David M50 Nidd V 54.57
53 Neil Jones M40 U/A 55.10
54 Andy Challenge? M40 Fellndale 55.18
55 Mark Seymour M55 Harrogate H 56.22
56 Carron Ralph W45 Otley 57.29
57 Tim Broomfield M60 Harrogate H 57.50
58 Gordon Slater M50 Baildon 58.24
59 Paul Robinson M50 Nidd V 58.40
60 Andrew Graham M40 Trawden 58.46
61 Ken Robinson M65 Wharfedale 59.04
62 Andrew Biddle M60 W. Pennine Runners 59.11
63 Lucy Mallinson W Wharfedale 59.43
64 Graham Breeze M70 Wharfedale 01:00:36
65 Rhys North M50 Bingley 01:01:01
66 Elizabeth Sandell W Harrogate H 01:01:08
67 Sue Morley W60 Knaresborough S. 01:03:57
68 Iain Irving M U/A 01:05:34
69 Michael Smith M55 Bingley 01:05:54
70 Edit Boldiesar W U/A 01:09:47
71 Tony Carr M50 Ripon Harriers 01:15:30
72 Jane Rowbotham W55 Harrogate H 01:24:15