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Kettlewell : A marshal’s eye-view

I have been training for marshalling for a few years now; standing around and staring into the distance is something I am particularly good at. I can also clap and say “well done” a lot. Marshalling duties started with meeting the ‘Kettlewell Anniversary Advanced Party’ (Mike A, Dave M, Ice Cream and Flap Jack) in the afternoon so that so we could flag the course. Given the amount of tape we used we were preparing for visibility of about 10m: it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Mike also used ducks on makeshift posts, because…well, because he is Mike and to be honest this seems to be one of the less strange things that goes on in his head (see ‘sharks’ later). Also, when I say we flagged the whole route, what I mean by that is, Dave M, Mike A and I set off up to the top of the hill, they carried on down the hill on the other side, whereas I went across the top of the hill and started flagging the (what I hoped was the correct) course for the final descent (I think we are building up a picture of why I like marshalling and not ‘racing’). The Kettlewell Anniversary Advanced Party, minus the ice cream and flapjacks, reconvened near the farm on the hill overlooking the field that seemed to have all the local moors allocation of sheep in. Turns out this was true; however, they were all to be released from the field prior to the race starting. We flagged the rest of the course together and returned to race HQ. By this point Adam, Richard F, Rose, Neil, Dom and many other people, had arrived and were setting up registration. After standing around and watching other people work, and about 30 minutes before the race started, I headed back off up the hill with the other marshals. Incidentally, the Scottish (midges) had started their invasion of England: specifically, the lowlands of Kettlewell.

Most of us walked up the hill together, repeatedly asking how Will broke his neck, and admiring his dedication to the course (come on, a pun is a pun, no matter how serious the bone-breakage is). There were some keenos though, the Checkpoint 2 crew, one of which was Helen, who ran to their marshalling post on the far side of the hill. It is this kind of ‘swottiness’ though that won her and her teammate the women’s pairs category at an orienteering event…which definitely existed alongside the male categories (it didn’t), and this isn’t a political statement (it is), and I am most definitely not digressing (I am). Incidentally, Dom was meant to go to checkpoint 2 as well with Helen & Co, but he had already used up his allocated injury-free month for this year, so instead he organised us from the midge zone.

As we headed up, the cloud-base was starting to lower; all that red tape may come in handy after all. People were ‘dropped off’ at their marshalling (in some cases, midge food) posts as we walked by; first to go was Sharon and her dog. I didn’t see her after the race but assume she wasn’t eaten alive. Then Arran, Will, me, and finally Ian arrived at ours. Leaving Will was devastating as he had a chocolate orange, and he was happy to share it. Once in position, we all realised that we had set off way to early and wondered around in small circles until our first runners come through. I knew when they were about to come past Ian as I could hear him prevent any short cuts by asking the runners to “go around the finger post and the turn right”. This, and one marshal’s booming clapping (the equivalent of Brian Blessed talking), was the soundtrack for the next hour or so.

Watching the first runners is always impressive, they always look like they are putting limited effort in, just bobbing along in the hills. Except there are two running along with sharks (Sarah McCormack and Joe Baxter); they took these off Dave M just after the hill in an exchange for tasty headache material. The rest of the runners came through and for the most part everyone looked happy, even the guy who had rolled his ankle and had a limp. Heading up the very back of the field, doing the equally great job of sweeping, where you run, but you are not allowed to overtake are Amanda S and Neil W. Once they go by, we can all go down the hill and get a pint. We see Richard F, Adam N and Mike A completely covered in future bites. This does not bode well for the pub. Indeed, Smidge failed us, with the Scots winning the battle after our pathetic, futile attempt at trying to sit it out for just one pint. I momentarily dream of the gin I could have won if I wasn’t me and could race men carrying sharks. I remember there is gin at home. I find Mark, who is excited to have done his first fell race, and we go home.

I think I have dragged this “we went up the hill, stood, cheered, pointed and came back down the hill” story for long enough now, thanks for reading.

— Meg Galsworthy  

Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race 2021

After having a year off official racing, the time had finally arrived to make my legs burn. The last time I ran Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race was pre-Covid in 2019. I don’t have the fondest of memories of it. They were mainly “oh dear, this hill is longer than I thought” and “I’ve totally overcooked it”. This was probably my fault as I had never been to the valley before and not realised how many false summits the first climb had. This time around I was ready and prepped for the pain. I had nicely warmed up the racing legs two days earlier with the NLFR summer solstice race around Burley Moor. 

On the drive over, the temperature dropped and the clag set in on the summits. This would make for very atmospheric running during the race. Due to Covid the race organisers had decided to set the runners of in staggered starts. The two minutes between each group would help with the congestion going through the Slit, a narrow passage through rocks. Waiting in our pens my nerves began to build and the butterflies flapped in my stomach. Adam and Mike started the countdown. 3, 2, 1, GO! We were off, charging up the first climb, jostling to get into a good position before the Slit. There were lots of strong runners in the first pen who seemed to simply fly off up the hill and I soon lost sight of them.

As in all races I slotted into a small pack of runners around my speed. We began to play leapfrog with each other as we slowly chugged up the hill. The summit finally came after 12 hard minutes of fighting off the lactic acid. The descent couldn’t have come soon enough, but sadly it was over too quick. As I reached the bottom I caught up with Dave. He had been waiting at the top of the first climb with the inflatable sharks for the king and queen of the hill. A weird but fun tradition for Kettlewell Anniversary FR. [Ed’s note: the first woman and first man to reach the shark-holder get to carry a shark each for the rest of the race. Obviously.]

The beauty of running next to a chatty guy like Dave is that he gives you a hell of a lot of loud encouragement. His loud whooping and cheering definitely helped as I began the second climb.

This is where my previous battle on the course came into my favour. I had known to save enough beans in my legs to break away from my pack and I gradually started to reel in the next group. I browed the final top and began the fast grassy downhill. Due to the mist, the grass was very slippery and I slid over a couple times when trying to cut the corners. On one of my slips I ended up kicking a thistle and got a few spikes in my big toe. No time to stop and sort that out when you’re racing to the finish.

Last time, I was overtaken by a runner 200 yards from the finish. But this time, I got my redemption and pipped one last runner [Ed’s note: and Ollie also held off champion mountain runner Sarah McCormack: see photo]. A final sprint and I was over the line. What a rush, 40 minutes of pain but totally worth it.

As soon as I’d finished the leg pain stopped but another pain began, midges. Bloody midges. I hate midges. They were everywhere, swarming over the runners as they finished. I swiftly changed into my longs and with a buff high over my face and my hood up, I just about kept them at bay.

Mega thanks to Mike, Dom, Richard, Adam and all the rest of the NLFR team who put the race together and marshalled. It was another brilliant evening. Looking forward to next year.

Oliver Roberts

Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race 2019 – Results

Apologies for the delay in publishing the results. We had some issues with the timing device and despite considerable effort to retrieve the results involving many random computer cables, they seem to have vanished. Mike has spent a number of hours trawling through Strava to try to piece together the times, but we are fairly confident the order of runners is correct. For any queries, please get in touch.

PositionRunnerCategoryTime*M/F PositionCat Position
1Darren KayM400:36:5411
2Ted MasonM400:36:5722
3Owen BeilbyM400:37:2833
4Nick CharlesworthM500:38:4541
5Oliver RobertsMSEN0:38:5951
6Jon PownallMSEN0:39:2362
7Sam WatsonMSEN0:39:3773
8Dave KirkhamM400:40:2084
9Ethan HassellMSEN0:40:2194
10David OldfieldMSEN0:40:25105
11Tim RichardsonMSEN0:40:46116
12Ben HolmesMSEN0:41:03127
13Phil LivermoreM400:41:35135
14Michael MalyonMSEN?148
15William BarkerMSEN?159
16Adam ThompsonMSEN0:42:531610
17Andy McFieM50?172
18Declan BulmerMSEN?1811
19Andy BerryM400:43:57196
20Luke TurnerMSEN?2012
21Charles CaseyM40?217
22Dave RobsonM400:45:19228
23Jane SheardW400:45:2811
24Philip RogersM400:46:29239
25Gary SpencerM400:46:562410
26Jonathan WhittakerM500:47:32253
27Annie RobertsWSEN0:48:0621
28Dave EvansM400:48:262611
29Ian RowbothamM600:48:32271
30Ben GrantM700:49:07281
31Craig ThompsonMSEN0:49:102913
32Matt BourneM400:50:153012
33Adam NodwellMSEN0:50:193114
34Nils LonstromMSEN0:50:223215
35Helen PriceM400:50:283313
36Dave MurgaroydMSEN0:50:373416
37Mark JordanM600:50:51352
38Karen PicklesW400:51:0132
39Andy HoldenM500:51:12364
40Iain JenkinsM500:51:13375
41Randolph HaggertyM500:51:19386
42Peter DugdaleM600:51:47393
43John SinghMSEN0:51:484017
44Alex Burton-JohnsonMSEN0:51:594118
45Tony ShepherdM500:52:02427
46Chantal BusbyW500:52:0341
47Harry WalshawMSEN0:52:264319
48Kate BellW400:52:2953
49Aidan CurleyM400:52:384414
50Brian HickeyM500:53:07458
51Rebecca GreyWSEN0:53:0862
52Ellen SharpeWSEN0:53:2873
53Helene WhittakerW50?82
54Ann BrydsonW500:54:4493
55Paul WilsonM600:55:37464
56Dave BradleyM500:55:46479
57Elizabeth SandellWSEN0:55:59104
58Andy MonkM600:56:11485
59Martyn PriceM500:56:154910
60John GrahamM500:56:445011
61Caroline ClarkeW600:57:31111
62Ian PatchettM500:57:395112
63Jo RhodesWSEN0:58:15125
64Martin BullockM500:58:205213
65Stephen LaneM500:58:235314
66Martin RobertsM600:58:31546
67Lynn WhittakerW500:59:20134
68Rose GeorgeW400:59:56144
69Dan SimmonsM501:00:545515
70Emma DavidW401:00:59155
71Sue MorleyW601:01:45162
72Elizabeth JacksonW401:02:56176
73Aimee BellwoodWSEN1:07:35186
74Sarah MorrisW501:08:35195
75Amy NaylorWSEN1:11:07207
76Sarah GoleW401:11:22217
77Nicola HartleW501:13:39226

Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race 2018 – Results

Results in spreadsheet format can be found here…

Photo credit: Ann Brydson

Overall Name Category Club Time
1 Ted Mason M Wharfedale 00:37:04
2 Jack Cummings M Ilkley Harriers 00:37:53
3 Alistair Thornton M LUOC 00:38:15
4 James Warburton M Knaresborough Striders 00:40:35
5 Dave Kirkham M40 Wharfedale 00:41:04
6 Mark Irving M Bowland FR 00:43:06
7 Daniel Lame M Ilkley Harriers 00:43:08
8 Declan Bulmer M Wharfedale 00:43:11
9 Brian Pennington M40 Howgill Harriers 00:43:24
10 Ben Holmes M Ripon Runners 00:44:06
11 Robert Cranford M40 Howgill Harriers 00:44:15
12 Ben Timbens M40 Keighley & Craven 00:45:07
13 Jm Roberts M40 Keighley & Craven 00:45:20
14 Phil Livermore M40 North Leeds FR 00:45:28
15 Kirsty Hall W Ribble Valley 00:45:31
16 Karl Robb M NA 00:45:39
17 Monica Padilla L Wharfedale 00:45:48
18 Jane Sheard W40 Pudsey & Bramley 00:45:49
19 Helen Wood W Ilkley Harriers 00:45:57
20 Andy Holden M50 Wharfedale 00:46:30
21 Jonathan Whitaker M50 Harrogate Harriers 00:46:39
22 Charles Casey M Harrogate Harriers 00:46:46
23 Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn W Keswick AC 00:47:05
24 Paul Calderbank M60 Ilkley Harriers 00:47:22
25 James Nobles M NA 00:47:23
26 Sean Robinson M40 Howgill Harriers 00:47:48
27 Lorena Lozano W North Leeds FR 00:48:03
28 Matthew Hurst M NA 00:48:35
29 David Middlemas M40 Valley Striders 00:48:41
30 John Singh M Saltaire Striders 00:48:50
31 Alan Hirons M50 North Leeds FR 00:48:58
32 Aidan Curley M40 Abbey Runners 00:49:26
33 Sunny Cheema M Abbey Runners 00:49:48
34 Helen Price W40 Harrogate Harriers 00:50:03
35 Mark Lay W40 Long Eaton RC 00:50:10
36 Mark Jordan M60 Harrogate Harriers 00:51:00
37 Tim Dempsey M Wharfedale 00:51:24
38 Martin Farrer M50 Wharfedale 00:51:31
39 Chantal Busby W50 Ilkley Harriers 00:51:38
40 Jonathan Stubbs M50 Settle Harriers 00:51:57
41 Martyn Price M50 Harrogate Harriers 00:52:04
42 Jean Powell W50 Wharfedale 00:52:10
43 Graham Moffat M50 Howgill Harriers 00:52:38
44 Nick Oddy M40 Keighley & Craven 00:52:49
45 Leah Williams W LUOC 00:53:09
46 Andy Challiner M40 Horsforth Fell and Dale 00:53:41
47 Sarah Gill W50 Harrogate Harriers 00:53:43
48 Lynn Whittaker W50 Wharfedale 00:53:54
49 Dave Bradley M50 Wharfedale 00:53:58
50 John Graham M50 Bowland FR 00:54:05
51 Matt Basterfield M NA 00:54:24
52 Theresa Oldroyd W40 Harrogate Harriers 00:54:56
53 Lucy Mallnson W Wharfedale 00:55:04
54 Nick Andralojc M50 Harrogate Harriers 00:56:23
55 Graham Smith M NA 00:56:55
56 Ken Robinson M70 Wharfedale 00:57:05
57 Daniel Oxtoby M40 Harrogate Harriers 00:57:05
58 Elizabeth Sandell W Harrogate Harriers 00:58:10
59 Jonathan Gibson M50 Wharfedale 01:02:00
60 Sue Moul W50 Harrogate Harriers 01:02:09
61 Elizabeth Jackson W40 NA 01:02:46
62 May Crawford W Helm Hill 01:03:18
63 Graham Breeze M70 Wharfedale 01:03:37
64 Ian Hartman M60 Baildon Runners 01:04:13
65 Charlotte Charnley W NA 01:05:19
66 Andrew Gitten M50 Black Combe Runners 01:06:24
67 Aimee Bellwood W NA 01:06:56
68 Michelle Miller W40 NA 01:09:33
69 Sarah Morris W50 NA 01:10:50
70 Micheale Spessa W40 NA 01:12:38

Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race 2017 – Results

Results in spreadsheet format can be found here…

PosNo.SurnameFirst NameClubCatTimeGenMFCatPos
1197CoatesHarryWharfedaleMSen36.37M1 1
2474MasonTedWharfedaleMSen37.12M2 2
3486FisherSamHowgillMSen38.49M3 3
4177CramptonNealP&BMSen39.37M4 4
5186LivermorePhilNLFRMSen40.56M5 5
6498ClarkDanielBowlandMSen42.13M6 6
7180TurnerLukeClayton-le-MoorsMSen42.38M7 7
8199FurnessRobW harfedaleMSen43.10M8 8
9473DickersonBradleyAIREMSen43.36M9 9
10492OldfieldDavidHarrogate HMSen43.47M10 10
11480HemsleyJasonW harfedaleM4544.13M11 1
12155GrantBenHarrogate HM6544.49M12 1
13494EvansDaveKCACMSen45.46M13 11
14490MarshJohnU/AMSen46.09M14 12
15493RobinsonSeanHowgillMSen46.29M15 13
16487MosesColinW harfedaleM5047.00M16 1
17154BarnesMattyU/AM5047.17M17 2
18172FurlongIanNLFRMSen47.22M18 14
19188ThorntonTonySettleM4547.30M19 2
20171ShawMartinNLFRMSen47.36M20 15
21182FairburnAndrewTrawdenMSen48.15M21 16
22501CalderbankPaulIlkleyM5548.22M22 1
23184OddyNickSkiptonM4048.32M23 1
24148PicklesKarenP&BF4548.39F 11
25165HoldenAndyW harfedaleM5048.56M24 3
26476Everrett SmithNathanHarrogate HM4049.07M25 2
27496HaggertyRandolphKirkstallM5049.11M26 4
28167AndralojcNickHarrogate HM5549.19M27 2
29485RobertsOlliePudsey PacersMSen49.41M28 17
30156BatesHarryU/AMSen50.04M29 18
31500RhodesSteveHyde ParkM5050.16M30 5
32168PriceHelenHarrogate HF4050.36F 21
33481PriceAndrewBaildonMSen50.47M31 19
34192FarrarMartinW harfedaleM5050.51M32 6
35183ShepherdTonyW harfedaleM5050.56M33 7
36149PowellJeanW harfedaleF4550.57F 32
37179TurnerKieranTrawdenMSen51.06M34 20
38194TimbersDanKCACM4051.15M35 3
39489MerfieldPeterU/AM5551.43M36 3
40502BusbyChantalIlkleyF4551.44F 43
41174RobertsMartinTodmordenM5552.01M37 4
42479SinghJohnSaltaire StridersMSen52.43M38 21
43170FosterRichardNLFRMSen52.51M39 22
44195MasonAdamU/AMSen52.53M40 23
45160JordanMarkHarrogate HM6053.24M41 1
46190HamiltonRobertIlkleyM6053.46M42 2
47191WelshEwanIlkleyM5054.04M43 8
48164W hittakerLynnW harfedaleF5554.15F 51
49475GibsonJonathanW harfedaleM5054.24M44 9
50196DeaconMikeNidd ValleyM5054.28M45 10
51151SandercockAndrewU/AMSen54.56M46 24
52157BatesJoeU/AMSen55.03M47 25
53477RobinsonEmmaHarrogate HFSen55.08F 61
54176MawsonAntonyPudsey PacersM5055.42M48 11
PosNo.SurnameFirst NameClubCatTimeGenMFCatPos
55189SmithGrahamU/AMSen55.49M49 2
56153JacksonBrettU/AM4056.23M50 4
57478DugdaleAndrewClayton-le-MoorsM5556.24M51 5
58159JenkinsIainHarrogate HM5556.26M52 6
59175FurlongSimonSaltaire StridersMSen56.28M53 26
60152MurphyKevin-MalanchyHarrogate HM6056.56M54 3
61198CoatesBeckiU/AFSen57.02F 72
62503KirkhamKatherineW harfedaleFSen57.12F 83
63482DugdalePaulClayton-le-MoorsM6057.31M55 4
64483DugdaleJackClayton-le-MoorsMSen58.23M56 27
65185ThompsonJohnW harfedaleM5558.34M57 7
66163ClarkeCarolinePudsey PacersF5559.00F 92
67161StephensonJamieU/AMSen59.46M58 28
68162DavidEmmaNidd ValleyF4060.19F 102
69187TurnerElizabethHarrogate HFSen60.20F 114
70488BullockMartinPudsey PacersM5060.53M59 12
71150RobinsonKenW harfedaleM6561.43M60 2
72166BreezeGrahamW harfedaleM7062.55M61 1
73178LewisJanetU/AFSen63.11F 125
74491OldfieldCarolineHarrogate HFSen63.24F 136
75499RhodesJoHyde ParkFSen63.45F 147
76169HartmanIanBaildonM6564.00M62 3
77484GittinsAndrewBlack CombeM5564.50M63 8
78181MorleySueKnaresboroughF6565.06F 151
79173RobertsSueTodmordenF5065.56F 161
80158PalmerAlisonHarrogate HF5066.33F 172
81495RobinsonEmmaPudsey PacersFSen66.59F 188
82193RalphKatyPudsey PacersF4567.01F 194
83497CrawfordMayHelm HillFSen67.12F 209
84200MurgatroydDaveNLFRMSenDNFM64 29

Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race 2016 – Results


Position Athlete Category Club Time
1 Ted Mason M Wharfedale 36.44
2 Sam Watson M Wharfedale 37.05
3 Luke Maude M Barlick FR 37.14
4 Dan Wilkinson M40 Ilkley 39.37
5 Nick Charlesworth M50 Wharfedale 39.42
6 Andrew Robertshaw M45 Otley 39.54
7 Dave Kirkham M40 Wharfedale 40.29
8 David Bolanos M50 U/A 40.48
9 Rob Furness M Horsforth Harriers 41.32
10 Paul James Carmen M Ilkley 41.44
11 Tim Hawey M40 York and K’boro 41.58
12 Tom Gomersall M Bingley 42.19
13 Keith Emery M K’boro Striders 43.07
14 Luke Turner M Trawden 43.36
15 Dave McGuire M45 Wharfedale 44.05
16 Dom Nurse M45 NLFR 44.51
17 Tim Palmer M45 Harrogate H 45.31
18 Michael Smith M45 Dallam 47.19
19 Alan Walsh M Wharfedale 47.23
20 Markus Waddap M NLFR 47.30
21 Paul Calderbank M55 Ilkley H 47.33
22 Dave Copping M50 KCAC 47.42
23 Keith Holder M50 Wharfedale 47.49
24 Ian Rowbotham M50 Harrogate H 47.51
25 Nick Rhodes U/A 47.55
26 David Fountain M Harrogate H 48.14
27 Lorena Lozano Sufrategui W NLFR 49.28
28 Kieran Turner M Trawden 49.42
29 Jeremy Field M Fellndale 49.50
30 Nick Androx M50 Harrogate H 50.00
31 Dean Ralphson M45 Trawden 50.29
32 Ed Brown M45 U/A 50.50
33 Richard Foster M NLFR 50.54
34 Emma Robson W Harrogate H 50.57
35 Chantale Busby W45 Ilkley H 50.58
36 Martin Farrer M50 Wharfedale 51.00
37 Molly Ralphson W40 Trawden 51.02
38 Jann Smith W45 Ilkley H 51.03
39 Andrew Price M Baildon 51.33
40 Mary Gibbons W40 Ilkley H 51.41
41 Martin Roberts M55 Todmorden 51.43
42 Michael Kearney M50 Swaledale 51.55
43 Stephen Kirk M45 Harrogate H 51.59
44 Mike Ayers NLFR V60 53.37
45 Andrew Ellwood M50 Skipton 53.52
46 Roger Wilkinson M45 U/A 54.10
47 Lynn Whittaker W50 Wharfedale 54.17
48 Kevin Holmes M50 U/A 54.20
49 Emma Dods W Wharfedale 54.30
50 Chloe Hirst W Harrogate H 54.34
51 Dan Simmons M55 Harrogate H 54.43
52 Mark David M50 Nidd V 54.57
53 Neil Jones M40 U/A 55.10
54 Andy Challenge? M40 Fellndale 55.18
55 Mark Seymour M55 Harrogate H 56.22
56 Carron Ralph W45 Otley 57.29
57 Tim Broomfield M60 Harrogate H 57.50
58 Gordon Slater M50 Baildon 58.24
59 Paul Robinson M50 Nidd V 58.40
60 Andrew Graham M40 Trawden 58.46
61 Ken Robinson M65 Wharfedale 59.04
62 Andrew Biddle M60 W. Pennine Runners 59.11
63 Lucy Mallinson W Wharfedale 59.43
64 Graham Breeze M70 Wharfedale 01:00:36
65 Rhys North M50 Bingley 01:01:01
66 Elizabeth Sandell W Harrogate H 01:01:08
67 Sue Morley W60 Knaresborough S. 01:03:57
68 Iain Irving M U/A 01:05:34
69 Michael Smith M55 Bingley 01:05:54
70 Edit Boldiesar W U/A 01:09:47
71 Tony Carr M50 Ripon Harriers 01:15:30
72 Jane Rowbotham W55 Harrogate H 01:24:15