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Adventure racing in Lesotho – A short film

Earlier this year I received a message out of the blue asking if I wanted to join a team heading to Lesotho for a 5-day, non-stop adventure race. The fact that I’d never heard of the country made me all the more curious to join the team. So despite the facts that a) it was just two weeks away, b) I’d not raced with the team of 4 before,  and c) I’d done very little long distance training recently, I said yes. What did I have to lose?

In case you are wondering, Lesotho (le-soo-too) is a small enclave inside South Africa, known as “The Kingdom in the Sky”. The whole country is higher than the highest point in the UK.

Things didn’t quite go to plan, I was ill in the days leading up to the race, but made the decision to start the 5-day, continuous race and see how it unfolded. As the race progressed we got into a good rhythm, I felt a bit better and we found ourselves towards the front of the race. 

Rather than write about the whole event, I took a Go Pro with me and documented the experience from the perspective of a racer. You can watch the 12-minute film on Youtube here: 

Later in the year I took part in another similar race in Scotland. Keep an eye out for another short video of that in the coming months.

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Ian Furlong

Open 5 – Coniston

Great Sunday spent running and cycling around the Lake District. I’m not going to write too much, the photos are far more impressive than any words I could contribute. Some please enjoy the small selection of the spectacular photos taken by excellent event photographer James Kirby. Thanks also to James, Lisa and the Open Adventure team, along with Joe Faulkner plus helpers for the catering.

Next event is in Edale in February get signed up!