Updated 11am 24 June

Firstly, welcome to the Kettlewell Anniversary Fell Race. Please note the points below.


Registration will be in the main car park, please be aware that parking charges may apply and bring some change. There is a smaller and cheaper car park opposite the garage just over the bridge into Kettlewell. Please park sensibly as there are likely to be a lot of cars, share if you can. 

At registration you will be asked for your name and will be provided with a corresponding race number bib and safety pins. You will also be given your starting block number (1-6) for race start. You must remember this number as this will be the block number you start the race from (explained later in the starting blocks section)


Toilets. There are public toilets at the end of the car park but I am not sure they will be open in the evening, they used to be but this might have changed with covid.


The start will be on the main footpath on the left just before the bridge as you enter Kettlewell, it is the one up the incline with the large 5 bar gate not the lower one along the river. The main car park is over the bridge and on your left also. Please take care when crossing the bridge to get to the start field as there is no footpath over the bridge. There will be signage to the start but watch out for idiot drivers coming from both direction!


Please be aware there is a pinch point near the start, to manage this we will most likely be setting runners off in 5 separate blocks with 1-2 min intervals starting with the fastest runners in block 1 followed by all the other blocks. Registration marshals will have allocated you into each of these blocks.

We will start the first block, then call forward the second block and so on until all blocks have started. Do NOT start in a different block to the one you are allocated otherwise your finishing time will be incorrect.

Note: We have vetted some of the faster names on our list and will all be starting in the first block. Some other allocations have been made to the best of our knowledge and all others will be random. This is to ease congestion at the pinch points. 

Please do not attempt to change or argue about your starting blocks with marshals, a lot of time and effort has been made in order for this race to go ahead in this current climate and we appreciate your cooperation during these times.


Masks! Please bring a mask or buff with you to wear at the start or in registration queue. Many of us are now reasonably relaxed about the Covid-19 situation either having had it or both jabs. However, there may be runners who are not and may be concerned, so for their benefit please wear a mask in the starting blocks. They can come off once the gun goes. 


First Aiders will be at the start/finish area and at the bottom of the Arncliffe climb half way round. If you see anyone in trouble please help out. There may well be several runners new to fell racing.

There will be no water stations on the course but there will be some water top up points for your own containers/water bottles at the finish. 


If it is wet, please watch out for some of the rocky sections on the path as they may be slippery, the grass is usually a better bet if in doubt. If new to fell racing wear your grippiest shoes as the grassy descent from the Arncliffe side summit is fast and grassy but can be a bit slippery at its steepest.


There are rabbit holes on the course, especially the section from the first summit to the stone wall and further along to the second ascent, they tend to peter out after that but keep an eye out for holes.


Be aware that we are on public footpaths and there may be walkers with dogs. There will be sheep but they are usually harmless.

There will be a kit requirement notice for the race at registration. As a minimum, please bring full body cover waterproofs, hat gloves, you may not need it is the weather is fine but better to be prepared. 

If you don’t know the route then bring the map but the course is reasonably well marked and as long as you stay on the footpaths it should be hard to get lost (but not impossible – it has been done before!).

Kit required on the day will depend on the weather so please refer to the notice. Even in summer, hypothermia is very possible if it is wet and windy. It will be about 3 degrees colder at the summits, more if windy so please do not under-estimate the possible wind chill especially if you go over on your ankle or something worse happens and you are immobile. I refer you to the FRA hypothermia guide on the FRA website. https://www.fellrunner.org.uk/documents/2020 


There will be some gates to open, the last one through should close it if it is not marshalled.


The logistics of checking race numbers at the start of the race is not practical without causing queues, delays and defeating the object of any Covid controls. Once you receive your race number it is assumed you started the race so if for ANY reason you do not finish the race YOU MUST tell the RO or a marshal. Failure to do this could lead to an unwarranted Mountain Rescue call out. This is very important.


Feel free to warm up on the fell, however, once we call you in please come as quickly as you can so as not to have everyone waiting, Probably best not to go too far and arrange your timing so you can be back at the start for no later than 7:25.


Sharks! There will a runner going ahead of you by about 5 minutes. The first male and female runners to reach him and bag their respective sharks are free to take said shark and carry it round with them. If you don’t want the encumbrance leave it for the next runner. However….. The male and female runner presenting these to Mike at the finish can exchange them for a 1 litre bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin so it could be worth the bother. Ted has had both gin and first prize on more than one occasion so it is possible to run fast carrying an inflatable shark!  


We will do the prizes as soon as we can and may have to do it in shifts as we get the results. Final results will not be published due to us having to calculate the times based on the staggered start – these will be posted on Racebest shortly after the event. Remember you anti-midge cream or a midge net just in case. Hopefully last year was an exception and they won’t be as bad.


Post-race drinks. We cannot use the Blue Bell for registration or for prize giving this year again however Mike and the marshals will be congregating there after the race for a drink and all are welcome to join us. I am sure the pub will welcome the support. If the weather is fine and we end up drinking outside then any remaining prizes may well be presented there. 

Finally, thank you for joining us in Kettlewell, I hope you have a great race. If the weather is fine the location and scenery make for spectacular running, just keep your eye out for rabbit holes! See you there.

Mike Ayers

Race Director