Start and finish at the Hermit. Runners can park in the Hermit carpark during the event, you will probably have earned some appropriate rehydration after the run anyway. The route is shown below and a gpx route can be viewed via the link below. There are some fixed points you must touch or pass on your way round. You can only go clockwise. The checkpoints are from OS Explorer Map 297.


GPS Route

Download from this Garmin page

Check Points

  • Gate to Burley Moor GR 153451
  • Path by Boundary Stone GR 147442
  • Twelve Apostles GR 126451
  • Trig Point GR 114452
  • Trig Point GR 082466
  • The Mosquito Bomber memorial GR 069471
  • Road crossing GR 078486
  • Spring well Farm GR 098514
  • Beamsley Beacon GR 099524
  • Round Hill Little Gate GR 121536
  • Ellercarr Pike  GR159523
  • Fell boundary forest margin GR 151513
  • Scales House Farm GR163492
  • Askwith Telephone box GR 168483

As far as I am aware the route is on public footpaths marked on the OS map. If anyone knows of any restrictions on this route please let me know.


When I ran this I did not spot any dangerous situations other than some of the obvious, this is over fells which may be rocky, uneven and often boggy and slippery. There are several road crossings so be aware of traffic particularly the Addingham bypass.

There will be sheep on the moors and I went through one field of cows on my way down to Addingham but the path goes down the side of the field and isn’t far. I had no problems with them on either of my runs as they were off in the distance at the time.

Please make sure you check the river level as the stepping stones at Burley can be impassable if the river is high. Do not put yourself at risk, check beforehand and postpone your attempt if necessary. It would be a shame to do 20 miles and discover you could not cross. If you do find yourself in a pickle there is a way around but you need to go back up to Askwith and, turning left, follow the road to the bridge. It will add about 4 miles to your route which you can submit but won’t be your best time. However, you will have the pleasing knowledge that you will at least be able to attempt it again when the river is lower.

You run this event entirely at your own risk as this is an informal challenge.

Water Levels

During periods of higher rainfall the river levels get high enough to prevent a safe crossing by the stepping stones at Burley. The best way to check is to drive down to the houses by the crossing and walk the last 50m down to the river to check. Alternatively a reasonably accurate method is to look at the river authorities website

This will take you to the levels at Otley but scrolling down you will see links to the other monitoring stations. There isn’t one at Burley but I have noted the levels when the tops of the stones were clear of the water at the following heights:

  • Otley – 0.44m
  • Ilkley – 0.29m
  • Addingham – 0.48m

The Otley and Ilkley levels are likely to more significant as Burley is between both but bear in mind water levels can change quite quickly especially in heavy rain although given the relatively short duration of a Skyline run these should be a reasonable indicator. It is worth looking at the indicators because they will also show you whether the levels are falling or rising. If in doubt don’t cross and either arrange a stones to stones version or go round the long way and have another go when it is safer.