6.2 miles, 1165 feet
Stanage Edge – Hathersage

This is a favourite of mine.  It’s in the beautiful village of Hathersage just outside of Sheffield. I have entered it for many years now.  It’s low key, £7 to enter, fabulous cakes afterwards and all the proceeds go to the local primary school. What more could you want?

As usual I prepped my kit the night before.  I was feeling tired but just had an early night and thought no more of it.  Sunday morning arrived and my throat was like the Doorway to Hell (Google it)… A couple of coffees and some paracetamol and like all of us runners I thought I could run it off….

At the start line I felt the usual tenderness in my limbs of an oncoming chill.  My muscles ached and the doorway to hell was back in my throat.  I told myself, if you manage the first mile you may as well continue.  We set off and started our climb up Stanage Edge. My head was pounding and my body weak however I kept hearing my mother reminding me that her cure for most things was fresh air. If you complained of feeling unwell you had a choice: sweep the garden or go for a walk.
It must have worked because I finished.

It wasn’t pretty and I managed a PW but the the views, course and cakes did not let me down and the scenery was as beautiful as ever.

My takeaway : do better next year…

I do recommend this race: It has good climbs and fantastic downhill sections.

Liz Casey